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First album Black Strawberry Limes is now available on the following platforms:

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Black Strawberry Limes

Ursula Undress

Ursula Undress

Some say you only have to let them guide you to the flow
But I’m not really sure I can rise above myself you know

Always clock-pulse controlled, our task is to never let go
But how can we act as being free when we’re not allowed to say no

Shadows can be seen there's nothing more they let us show
Overcoating rubber-faced delay cursed to heavy load

However hard we struggle machine language makes us fall
For we are stuck in the middle of silence that’s holding us all

If you don’t mind
We could start some kind
Of whatever it might be called

In fact, I just came by
And now I’m just too shy
I really don’t know why

You know 

Rise, spread, grow, fight
Serve, suit, crouch, hide
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